#TournoiExplo - 1st Edition

The pilot of the #TournoiExplo took place on the January 16th. With 216 players, 100 Eur of Cashprice and almost 500 Eur of prizes to be won ingame, this tournament made a lot of noise and quickly became the biggest public tournament ever organized on the French Minecraft world.

Mic!ON, containing 18 team members, gave their best during the entire tournament, and the sacrifice was worth it. Even though there were unforeseen problems (as in any real time event), we were extremely present to allow everyone to have a good time, while trying to progressively climb through the tournament tree.

For a first tournament of this scale, we are proud of what we have achieved and what we have offered to the community. All this would not have been possible without our partner, Ascentia, who has supported us when we propose them projects as ambitious as this one.
Even if some aspects are to be revised (there are always some), the competition has come to an end properly. Today, the messages we receive are only about one thing: "when is the next edition?"

All video projects (Trailer, After-Movie, playbacks, Debrief) are available via this link (YouTube redirection)

Our Staff behind this project

Without them, this would've never been possible, so thank you <3

Some Statistics

Official statistics from various sources (visible on the Debrief video)

  • 216 players

  • 160 viewers (average)

  • ~800 unique viewers

  • all-time high : 214 viewers

  • 18 staff members

  • 150~ Tickets taken care of by our team (in 2 days)

  • 85 launched games throughout the tournament

"Thank you all for participating in this event [...] It was something that meant a lot to me. I loved preparing for it [...] You are making me live my dream."
Mat' / moyoguichard1
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