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September 2021

The second edition of the Explosive Tournament (#TournoiExplo) is just around the corner. Drop the blocks & swords from our last Minecraft tournament and bring on your best players. Do not forget to pick up your Vandals & Operators! The next stop will be on VALORANT, the last Free-To-Play game by RIOT GAMES


The goal? To be the last. Number of teams: Unlimited. Yes yes, the first phase of the tournament is open to all, of all levels, and you will be set up with players of your level. (more info below & in the rules).

«In Valorant, each player takes on the role of an "agent" with unique skills. In the main game mode, two teams of five players compete against each other and the agents use an economic system to purchase utilities and weapons.»

How will the tournament be run?

The tournament will take place in 2 phases:
- Firstly, Swiss rounds will be used. You will be set up with 3 other teams, against which you will have 1 week to play against.
- The second, via a knockout tree. The top 2 teams from each swiss rounds will be placed in it. (More information in the rules)


When will it take place?

This information will be completed in a few days, when the official announcement will be made!
Please bear with us ;)

Swiss rounds phase : xx xxxxx 2021 au xx xxxxxx 2021 (1 semaine)
Knockout phase : xx xxxxxx 2021 au xx xxxxxx 2021 (2 semaines)
Semi-finales (Live on Twitch) xx xxxxxx 2021 à 20h BO?
Grande Finale (Live on Twitch) xx xxxxxx 2021 à 20h BO?

What are the prizes?

  • xxxEur for the wining team.
  • xxEur for the runner-up.
  • extra prizes given by our patners.
  • Special ranks on our platformes.


The registration date has not been announced yet! Be patient... ;)

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