The "Explosive Tournaments" are tournaments on different platforms & games that allow players to show what they're made of. The objective? To be the best. Nothing more, nothing less.
Every season, the game changes! Skywars (minecraft), Overwatch, ... Everything is possible, the choice is made according to the different opportunities we have! It's time to come and prove your skill and emerge victorious from this free-for-all.
Honour, glory & gifts for the winners. The others can just sit on the sidelines!

The pilot (first show) took place on January 16, 2021. 216 players took part in a merciless tournament on the Ascentia platforms (Minecraft Server). The two semi-finals & final of this tournament were cast by Siir & moyoguichard1 - replays are available here: Youtube Playlist (french only)

The next part of this adventure took place on RiotGames' Free-to-Play game, VALORANT! In partnership with TeamSpeak & VB-Audio and with the help of the buddies at CasterNest, we were able to bring you an event worthy of the name! Want to see what it all looks like? We're kindly releasing the playlist ;) No, don't thank us, it's ok, we know we're the bests ;) Youtube Playlist (french only)

What's next? What the hell is coming up next? Well, O. Yeah, O. Not 0, but O, the letter. Good luck catching that one...

  • Cash-Price for the winners
  • Hundreds of Eur donated in the form of shop items
  • A Cast as professional (and fun) as possible


Do you want to experience this event in its entirety? Don't hesitate to have a look at our shop! In addition to your support, you get access to benefits, just for you!