Our passion, Your experience.

We are a (small) group of enthusiasts who want to share their passion(s) for audio(visual) & E-Sports with the people around them via different events: Tournament, group games and Podcast (among others)!

Our ultimate goal: To promote E-Sport to more players, on different games, in different formats. We aim to create a tournament environment for all players, regardeless of their ingame level while providing a show to our spectators!

We also perform different types of events based on group-play, such as #FunStaffs. The biggest French Minecraft server, "Ascentia", trusted us to perform animations on their platforms. This marked the departure of Mic!ON ! We are looking to move forward and continue to grow our little group.

Since the creation of this structure, several new formats have quickly emerged, such as the MusicOvores, which allows us to showcase talented people in the field of music. Our flagship event is definitely the Explosive Tournaments, which are merciless tournaments between players, based on E-sports. The first edition went more than well, but the second will be even more... explosive!

We are only at the beginning of our story! Maybe a new paragraph will appear here soon? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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