The #FunStaff are the first animations set up by moyoguichard1 on the biggest French minecraft multiplayer platform, Ascentia. The goal of this animation is simple: to allow the Staff & the players of Ascentia platforms to play together. In other words, it allows players to see the Staff from a different angle. No more invisible & hard-working staff, it's time to relax and enjoy, with you, the games proposed by Ascentia ! The #FunStaff are normally done quite frequently.

The #FunStaff started a few months ago. There was never an official "first" animation, as the Staff could simply do it whenever they wanted in small groups without announcements. But recently, one of our animators has taken these little animations further by making in-game announcements, handing out In-Game currency & offering a live stream on Twitch. So it's become a little get-together for those who want to chill with the team or simply for those eager for ingame perks!

How to join us:

- Join Ascentia's TeamSpeak
- Join The direct LiveStream on Twitch

Sponsored by Ascentia - FunStaff

  • A fun and relaxing event!
  • Discover Ascentia's staff from another angle!
  • InGame currency are distributed at each animation