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We offer all kinds of exciting events, but there's nothing like the pressure and thrill of a tournament to make you feel alive.
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One game only? : Not thrilling enough for us.
Events based on several games.

Tournaments & other events are organised as often as possible, on different games.
From Minecraft to CS:GO, show who's the boss around here.

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Our events are mainly designed to offer an extraordinary spectacle. E-sport is not only for players, but also for spectators.

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Events Mic!ON
Fun discovery Chill

The #FunStaff are the first animations set up by moyoguichard1 on the biggest French minecraft multiplayer platform, Ascentia. The goal of this animation is simple: to allow the Staff & the players of Ascentia platforms to play together. In other words, it allows players to see the Staff from a different angle. No more invisible & hard-working staff, it's time to relax and enjoy, with you, the games proposed by Ascentia ! The #FunStaff are normally done quite frequently.

Available in : French.

Powered by Ascentia - FunStaff

Talent Dance

The "MusicOvores" (Music-Ovores) is an animation that can be full of surprises! If you want to show your artistic creations, you're at the right place. Whether it's dancing, singing, beatboxing or even composing, you are welcome!

This event is one of the few that is not themed as a competition or tournament. Here to chill & discover talents!

E-Sport Tournoi Cast

Explosive Tournaments (TournoiExplosif) are only here to show who's the boss. The goal? To be the best. Every season, the game changes. From Minecraft to CS:GO, anything is possible. A cast / show will be presented live for the last (and best) games of the tournaments!

Will you be able to prove your skill and emerge victorious from this free-for-all? Honour, glory & gifts for the winners. The rest of y'all just have to sit on the sidelines!

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Do you have an idea for an animation or event & would you like us to take a look at it? Contact us so we can discuss about it.

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Do you have an idea for an animation or event & would you like us to take a look at it? Contact us so we can discuss it.

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